Concrete and Stone Division:

Aquron Corporation- produces products that protect and extend the service life of concrete, stone, soil, steel and wood.

Concrete Technology Inc. – produces coatings, which will not only repair concrete, but also “Bring Design & Beauty” to it. 

CTS Cement– produces the best repair or restoration products for projects requiring fast strength gain, high durability and low shrinkage, such as Rapid Set® Concrete Mix, TRU® Self-Leveling, and Rapid Set® Stucco Mix – to name a few.

Engrave-A-Crete – is the premiere decorative concrete engraving company that produces and manufactures the finest decorative concrete engraving products.

FORMEX– which is owned by one of Mr. Rosenberg’s fellow West Pointers, is the nation’s premier manufacturer of permanent steel Island Forms, Pipeguards, Bollards, and Curbing. Over the last 55 years, FORMEX has grown with the Petroleum and Convenience Store industries by supplying the highest quality asset protecting products that are field friendly and easy to install, such as the patented DOGBONE Island Form.

Increte Systems- has been acknowledged as a worldwide leader and innovative manufacturer of materials for stamped or stained concrete, decorative walls, and concrete overlay systems.

Kemiko Concrete Products, Inc. – produces the finest Stone Tone Acid Stain acid and Rembrandt Polymer Stain products for concrete.

Stone – all types of stone products – real stone, cultured stone, and polyurethane stone panels.

Superior Walls - has been the world leader in custom residential precast concrete foundation systems since 1981. In consideration of new and previous independent testing, Superior Walls has recently increased the published uniform load capacity for its Xi™ and Xi™ Plus wall systems from 5,500 pounds per linear foot (PLF) to 7,500 PLF. The higher capacity makes Superior Walls systems ideal for light commercial applications along with residential use.

Verti-Crete Stone Walls – with their forms, which have been molded from the actual stones and masonry techniques they represent, we can produce precast concrete walls with the finest, most realistic details—from the texture of natural rock to the grout joints in between.

Bio Safe and Green
Aquron Corporation International manufactures products that are formulated, blended and stored in one of cleanest environmentally enhanced facilities in America. Under some of the highest standards in the industry, Aquron produces products that protect and extend the service life of concrete, stone, soil, steel and wood. Aquron produces toxic waste remediation products that cleanse and heal the earth that had previously been lost to industrial disaster. Whether earth, air or water Aquron Corporation International strives to return our environment to the way it was first created.

Concrete Technology Incorporated's revolutionary coating systems can take any old and ugly, but structurally sound concrete and give it new life.  You can now have the look, texture and color of inlaid brick, tile, slate, marble or something truly unique.  The Concrete Technology System is perfect for both residential and business applicsations, such as walkways; steps and landings; balconies; driveways, patios; and pool decks, even inside the home and business. The Concrete Technology System is twice the strength of normal concrete. This tough, durable coating stands up year after year. Recently, Villanova University conducted a number of tests regarding the strength and durability of the Concrete Technology decorative overlay system. These tests centered around the performance of the products in extreme fatigue and environmental conditions. The Concrete Technology products passed all tests and is now accepted by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.Type your paragraph here.

Coating Division:

AcryMax - offers a range of products for the architectural market. These include roof coatings, fluid applied roof membrane systems, elastomeric wall coatings, rust inhibitive coatings, general maintenance coatings, sealers, reinforcement fabrics, and a variety of other coatings and systems for residential, commercial, institutional, industrial, or government structures.

American Hi-Tech American Epoxy – their Phoenix Epoxy Flooring Products are made of 100% solids epoxy, natural marble chips and color quartz. Phoenix One Step is water-proof, light-weight, flexible, long lasting/durable, easy to clean, non-porous, and features chemical and fire resistant qualities.

ArmorThane - offers a full line of top-quality polyurea, polyurethane and spray foam insulation products are utilized for many applications including: Automotive / Marine, Construction, Agricultural, Industrial, Military and Manufacturing.

Behr Paint - is a dynamic company that actively embraces quality and innovation to bring to the paint industry and their customers the very best products and services. Their bold entrepreneurial spirit and their commitment to integrity and to doing the right thing has been the cornerstone of their success since 1947.

Canamould- is the leading manufacturer of durable, low cost exterior and interior mouldings, architectural details and limestone fireplaces. We use Canamould mouldings with our Sto Corp (stucco and EIFS) and our precast concrete Superior Walls

Fine Paints of Europe (FPE) - provides the finest paints and personalized service to discriminating homeowners and businesses. As John Lahey, founder and CEO, stated - "There is nothing more expensive than cheap paint.™" FPE is recognized as the quality leader in the North American paint industry.

Sto Corp - is an innovative world leader and producer of a broad range of versatile building envelope solutions and coating systems for building construction, maintenance and restoration.

Tuff-Coat – is the world’s BEST non-skid polyurethane safety coating and is used by Raytheon Polar Services from the Arctic to the Antarctic. It is designed to adhere to wood, concrete, metal, fiberglass, plastic, rubber, vinyl, and much more. It is ideal for the interior of swimming pools and the pool deck.

VerteTek.- is a world innovator and the manufacturer of Coat of Silence - the most effective, highest performing sound reduction coating on the market today. Coat of Silence is a scientifically proven, paintable sound reduction solution for use on interior surfaces including ceilings, walls, plaster and drywall. No other sound reduction process offers such superior results.

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